Less invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular these days.  If you are not quite ready or comfortable with facelift surgery but want more results than Botox (R) and fillers, we invite you to come in and discuss the Laser Neck Lift or ThermiLift procedures with Dr Banthia.

What is a Laser Lift or a ThermiLift?


  • Tighten loose, sagging skin
  • Melt fat
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Stimulate production of new collagen

A Laser Lift  or ThermiLift is a micro-invasive laser or radiofrequency treatment that uses a tiny probe to heat up the connective tissues and dermal tissue from underneath the skin.  When heat is applied to the undersurface of the skin, a 3-D shrinkage effect may be induced, which results in a lifting and tightening of target tissues

These procedures are great options for tightening the neck and lower face and jowl areas without having typical facelift incisions around the ear.

A Laser Lift or a ThermiLift  also “melt” fat and tighten the skin of the lower face, jowls and neck, fat deposits in the abdomen, back, arms, and knees.

Treatment Time:  1 hour or less

Anesthesia: Local

Downtime: Minimal