Moles are extremely common , in fact most adults have between 10 to 40 of them. They are also easily removed, as are birthmarks and lesions. Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgery can eliminate unsightly skin irregularities that are bothersome or that you fear may be a health issue.

How are moles removed?

Whether you are removing your mole for cosmetic purposes or health reasons, there are generally two removal methods:
• Excision with cauterization involves shaving a mole down and then cauterizing the area with a solution or electrical instrument to close the wound.
• Excision with stitches involves cutting out the mole with some of the area surrounding it and closing the wound with sutures.

Both removal methods are considered surgical and typically use a local anesthetic to ensure the comfort of the patient. The same procedures can be employed to rid yourself of unattractive birthmarks and lesions.

What benefits can I expect from mole removal?

Most of the moles we remove at Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgery are eliminated for cosmetic reasons because they are unsightly. Of course, some moles – those that are irregular, asymmetrical, or are changing colors or shape – may be cancerous and need to be excised and evaluated for health reasons. Dr. Banthia can assess any irregular moles and advise you about the need and best method of removal.

Recovery and other considerations.

Mole removal is considered a minor, in-office procedure and most patients report minimal discomfort. Dr. Banthia will employ his extensive training and skills to minimize the appearance of the resulting scar.

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