The qualified professionals at Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgery are ready to give you the sexy curves and voluptuous backside you desire with buttock augmentation.

How does buttock augmentation work?

The shape, volume and projection of your buttock can be augmented with silicone implants that have a soft, natural feel similar to well-toned muscle. Butt augmentation is typically an outpatient procedure done under general anesthesia. Alternatives to buttock implants, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, use your own fat to contour and shape the buttocks.

What benefits can I expect from buttock augmentation?

Butt augmentation can give you a fuller rear end, restore the curves lost while aging, and help balance disproportion between your upper and lower body. With many sizes and shapes of implants to choose from, men and women can opt for additional curves or a well-balanced physique. The popularity of butt implants is rapidly rising and when used in conjunction with liposuction, Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgery can give you a new, sexy new silhouette.

Am I a good candidate for buttock augmentation?

The best candidates for buttock augmentation are in good physical condition, have good skin elasticity, are non-smokers – and possess a desire for a more curvaceous silhouette. This procedure is highly individualized according to your desired specifications and outcomes.

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