A keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue. It can be thick, raised, and discolored and depending on its location can be quite distracting, even unattractive. The skilled cosmetic team at Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgery  is offers several keloid removal options to the residents of  Murrieta and the greater Temecula areas.

What is a keloid?

Keloids are abnormally thick and raised scars that and can result from a wide range of skin injuries, from minor scratches to body piercings, burns and surgical incisions. The scars may be slightly larger than the injured area or may grow well into the surrounding areas of skin and become several inches long and wide. Keloids can develop over weeks or months and typically do not go away on their own.

How are keloid scars removed?

Keloids can be difficult to reduce or remove, however, Dr. Banthia specializes in skin scarring and healing and is ready to help you identify the best treatment regime for your situation. Surgical removal is often most effective when combined with one of these non-surgical treatment.
• Cortisone injections into the keloid are safe and with minimal pain. Injections are usually given once per month until the scar is minimized to a more acceptable level.
• Laser treatments can be effective at flattening keloids and lessening their red color. This treatment is safe and generally well tolerated. More than one treatment may be required for optimal results.
• Other possible treatments include compression bandages, radiation, and freezing (cryotherapy).

Contact Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgery  today free a consultation where Dr. Banthia can assess your keloid scar and recommend the best treatment option for reducing it and improving its appearance.