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Vish Banthia

Get Better Skin In A Minute – Dr Banthia featured in Refinery29

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Steaming your face is also a great (and simple) treatment that can make a huge difference — all you need is hot water, a bowl, and a towel. “The steam does double duty by cleansing skin of impurities and hydrating it at the same time,” says Dr. Vishal Banthia, a double board -certified plastic surgeon. “It also boosts circulation and draws blood to the surface of the skin, giving the face a warm, healthy glow.” To do this treatment at home, Dr. Banthia says to boil water and put it in a pot or bowl. Tie your hair back and use a towel as a tent for both the bowl and your head. Lean your face over the steam, giving yourself about 12 inches of room between you and the water. “Getting too close to hot steam can cause broken capillaries,” cautions Dr. Banthia. “One minute of steaming is plenty – exposing skin to steam for too long can actually dry it out.”

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Lunchtime Lipo and 10 Other Quickie Nip & Tucks

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You can get a whole lot done on a power lunch: land an account, close a deal … and turn the clock back 10 years. Unlike that girl in your high school class who mysteriously went away on an “extended vacation” (only to return with an entirely new nose), more and more women are taking advantage of quickie “lunchtime” procedures for transformations that won’t put your entire calendar in disarray.

“People worry they’ll look unnatural, have a lot of downtime and spend a lot of money, but the technology has improved and continues to improve, making it a lot easier for consumers to look their best in an affordable and efficient way,” says Dr. Vish Banthia, founder and Chief Medical Officer of and Founder of Murrieta Facial Plastic Surgery in Murrieta.

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